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Teaching and Vending

January 23-25, 2015  Hudson, WI

February 28  Lenexa, Kansas Hook-in

April 25, St. Louis, MO Hook-in

May 11-16  Denver, CO workshops

June 11-14   Eugene, OR workshop

July 12-16  Holland, MI workshop

July 19-23  Hooker Hill, Oakhurst, CA workshop

September 9-12  ATHA Biennial,  San Antonio, TX

October 31 - November 3  Lincoln, NE hook-in & workshop

Availability:   Sharon Smith is available for your guild or group to teach any one of the following workshop descriptions, beginning 2016.



Sharon A. Smith Teaching Workshop Choices

  1. Teaching about the composition of elements in an art piece, including light and dark spaces, complimentary objects, shapes and dimensions, and color placement.

  2. Teaching an overview about artistic styles from primitive, hit or miss, naïve art, fraktur art, impressionistic, painterly, geometric, contemporary, and others.

  3. Teaching about "how to hook" - from basic pulling of loops to use of various methods such as beading, etc. and an introduction to base materials such as linen versus monks cloth.

In specific workshops I can focus on several areas as described below:

1.Three or four day workshop on a painterly style of rug hooking

      This would be an "open" class where students bring their own work in progress or a new piece, or purchase a new pattern. We begin by discussing focal points in the rug and move on how to color plan, the use of and choice of various wool cut   widths, background design choices and color, light and dark, the use and meaning of shapes; and emotional intention of the piece from dramatic to subdued.   (just one example of the basics).   I teach you how to convert brush strokes of a painter to hooking a "painterly" rug.


  Examples of painterly hooking.


2.Three-day workshop:   Use of a variety of textiles in hooking a rug.

      On a small project, the student will experiment with creating texture using many fabrics from wool, cotton, velvet, silk, to yarn, ribbon, nylons, and appliqueing pieces into a rug. Instructions delve into when it is appropriate to use these different fabrics; perfecting placement of an interesting focal point through applique; and discussing the positives and negatives of all variety of textiles.

3.Three-four day workshop: Creating your own design for a small rug

      This workshop focuses on: developing an idea for a rug design; how to gather and organize materials for your design; using templates in a piece; drawing from your heart; using paper or clear plastic for drawing your design; putting the elements onto linen. Students would have available to them many templates, art books, photos, and the Web.


5.Three or four day workshop: Creating a rug with feeling

      This class would include using a prepared pattern or creating one in class that holds a special meaning to you. Some people have focused on a "grief" rug—something that reminds or allows the processing of a loss through hand work. Others pick a particular "place" that holds memories such as a childhood hang-out, nature, or home. Still others create an heirloom rug for family members such as an image of a person, an activity involving family members or friends (e.g., croquet, kite flying, etc.). Others focus on creating meaning through a favorite pet or anthropomorphic animal such as a dressed up kitty.          Also discussed is how to create motion in a static object such as a rug; how to create mood through color choices; how to depict emotions in faces; and paying attention to how you feel working on the piece.

6.Three to Four day workshop: Hook Your Own House

            Hand making a rug often carries deep meaning for a hooker. A personal creation, the rug can integrate strong memories from your life. It can also hold value because of the memories hooking it around friends, building a special mutual bond.   Often, your home is close to your heart—the soul of your family image. It represents your interior life and can reveal a lot about you.   It is the inside of you on the outside, because your spirit, your view of the world, and yourself is consciously or unconsciously represented by your home.

In this workshop, students provide me with pictures of their houses. I draw a rough sketch and email it to them for approval. I then put the drawing on linen. It is hooked in class. Here are some places I have drawn for other hookers:

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